Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Web Site Credibility

Establish your web page credibility by being an authority source that is objective in text.  Use a broad scope and high quality content. Also design an appealing and unique custom site design with functionality to help your success in your e-business.

The authority of the sites by examination of the whois database, sponsors and who authored the web page content. The author of the sites's sponsor should have the appropriate expertise to present the information authoritatively.

The top-level domain for the country-code TLD is important because some search tools give extra weight to governmental and educational sites.

The highest quality and more authoritative results come from primary sources. A primary source is firsthand information about a particular topic.

Web page information should be fair, the content may contain any subtle or clear biases, or perhaps the information is skewed toward commercial or political interests. Authority sites will use high-quality links to other related sites.

Scope and Quality
The amount of detail provided can help determine the value of a web site. The intended audience also determines the scope of the web site. Additionally, high quality web pages content should be accurate and up-to-date. Compare web pages in the same categories for evaluating web pages.

Design and Functionality
Web pages are designed to attract and hold a viewers attention so that they will spend time interacting and viewing the pages. Most web pages share these common characteristics that make the page more attractive and easier to use.
  • A logo or e-business name on or at the top left corner of the web page
  • Links to related pages, grouped into categories, to make accessing the site's other pages more convenient.
  • Various multimedia, including photos, graphics, animations to interact and attract.
  • Advertisements, in text or images, to generate revenue for the web site. Ads can be for the company's own products or from a third party advertiser.
  • A search tool allows viewers to locate specific information at the site or at the other sites on the web.
  • A copyright statement notifies viewers that all content at the site is protected by copyright law.
  • A privacy and security policy statement informing viewers about the information collected form the a the site and how it is used. It's usually located at the bottom of the web page.
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