Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taxonomy vs. Folksonomy

Taxonomy is a consistent way of classifying and describing content and information that allows people to think about information in the same way. This type of system ensures that content is stored and managed in a manner that is consistent with that type of content. 

On the other hand, folksonomies have no classification restrictions.  They are user generated tags which provide meaning to the users.  The sharing of knowledge is greater since tagging generates communication.  The easier to understand tags also assist search and retrieval of information.

MSN Forced Logins

Your MSN account may be compromised if MSN continuously logs you out and forces you to log back in.  If you notice a pop up that announces your login to your account this is proof that someone is accessing your account.  Immediately change your password for your account and determine what information has been compromised.  If there is an issue, report identity theft to your local law enforcement, your email host, credit reporting agencies and file a Complaint and Affidavit form with the FTC.

Deter, Detect and Defend guidelines can be found at OnGuard Online

HiJacked Listings; Problem and Solution

Your Google Places has been hijacked when search engine results give your competitors phone number or website address under your Google Places listing.

In Google Places set up a new profile using a new business name, claim the physical address and verify it by Phone.   Verification ensures that the listing is correct therefore merging the two business listings.  Sit back and relax while you enjoy free phone leads from your competitors listing. 

To reclaim your hijacked listing just go into your Google Places and delete the Listing with your merged address.  This does mean you are going to lose your reviews for that listing, but it's insignificant compared to how many leads you are currently losing.  Don't worry if you are a great business because your clients will continue to sing your praises!  It may take a couple weeks before the system is reset with your listing.   I advise you do not report the problem to Google because your account can be suspended or inadvertently given to your competitor.

Top Tips: 
    1.    Review your Local Listings frequently
    2.    Follow the Google Guidelines
    3.    Use one primary Local Listing per Service type and localize using Service Areas.

Google Places Policies - Quality guidelines

Google Merged Listings - Quality guidelines

Google Known Issues

An example of a common hijacking problem